150mm Cassette Checker (MC-1512)

MC-1512 150mm Cassette Checker 430w

The Brooks Assure Series Cassette Checkers save you time and money by providing a fast and simple method for checking cassettes. Designed with daily fab use in mind, the MC-1512 offers a quick answer to the question, “Is it the tool or the cassette?” Quit throwing good cassettes away. Quit finding bad cassettes by wasting good production wafers. Start checking your cassettes the sensible way — with the MC-1512 150mm Cassette Checker!

The Brooks Alignment Services Division increases silicon yield and equipment uptime by improving critical wafer handling operations. Products include robotic alignment systems, bridge adapters for 300mm to 200mm, load port alignment systems, electronic levels, carbon fiber and glass dummy wafers, and cassette inspection tools. Services include tool and fab-wide calibration services.


  • Easy red/green indication
  • Instant measurement
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate repeatable measurements


  • Save prime wafers
  • Eliminate problem cassettes
  • Eliminate wafer scratches
  • Save equipment maintenance time chasing cassette problems


  • Manufactured from anodized aluminum
  • Can be configured for virtually any 150mm cassette
  • Power required: 6 volts DC, 500 mA (AC adapter included)
  • Part size: 560mm x 300mm x 40mm (22" x 12" x 11")
  • Part weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)