Front-end Alignment and Calibration Service Agreements

Brooks Global Customer Support (GCS) TrueBlue Service Portfolio includes Front-end Alignment and Calibration Service (FACS) offerings.

Load Port Alignment

This offering is an on-site service ensuring proper load port alignment including the following components:
  • 40 + point loadport health checks
  • Monthly loadport alignment checks with LP-3004
  • Loadport alignment utilizing MicroTool LP-3004
LP-3004 Load Port Checker

Robot AlignmentCare

This offering is an onsite service ensuring proper robot alignment including the following components:
  • 4Monthly alignment checks with MicroTool RC-3003
  • Re-alignment as required
RC-3003 Robot Alignment Tool 150w


FACS-Diagnostics is Brooks database support for alignment and calibration activities. This database allows users to extract data into excel for monitoring and trend analysis.
FACS diagnostics 350w


  • Reduced Unscheduled Downtime
  • Traceable, numeric data during all phases of tool deployment
  • Faster, more accurate tool alignment
  • Objective and data driven process
  • Increased Mean Cycle Between Failure (MCBF)
  • Improved wafer handling and reduced wafer scratching
  • All service work is done by experts
  • Attractive service pricing

Fixload Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades on older Fixload modules (Fixload-5, Fixload-6) are an economical way to adapt SEMI standard changes to older Fixload modules. They can significantly increase the loadport performance and help to ensure proper alignment and calibration settings. Fixload Performance Upgrades have resulted in significant error count reductions.

  • Fixload-5: tilt cylinder, hard-stops, gussets
  • Fixload-6: tilt cylinder and hard-stops

Load Port Care

Available for PerformanceBlue Service Agreements only, the Load Port Care is a maintenance package including parts and labor. Brooks is committed to support all load port related issues on-site for you. Brooks will provide all necessary parts. This will reduce your inventory cost.

FACS requires a high level of product knowledge. Detailed understanding of load port and robot related alignment issues are as important as fundamental product knowledge of the MicroTool alignment product line. For this reason, the FACS TrueBlue Service Agreements offer you the valuable addition of knowledge by Brooks certified CSEs.

Performance Reviews

A standard to TrueBlue agreements, you will receive quarterly performance reviews that summarize scheduled and unscheduled replacement activity and CIP progress.

TrueBlue Service Agreements

Brooks Automation TrueBlue services are our total corporate commitment to deliver not only superior technology, but also unmatched performance, world-class global support, products and infrastructure and an expectation of no surprises — ever.

Brooks Automation offers an array of highly customizable programs and services based upon the way you do business. Brooks TrueBlue Service Agreements are structured to address your operational efficiency needs while still providing the flexibility you require.

At Brooks Automation Global Customer Support we are committed to supporting you. Our mission is to exceed expectations in all areas of customer responsiveness. For this reason we have put together a portfolio of service agreements called TrueBlue.

Brooks TrueBlue Service Agreements leverage Brooks technology and resources to deliver the perfect blend of performance, productivity, and price. Every service agreement provides comprehensive and customizable service components for your needs.

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