SampleStore™ III AC Automated Sample Storage with Labcyte Echo® Qualified Acoustic Tube Technology

Higher throughput storage

The SampleStore™ III AC system combines a new automated storage capability with transformational Labcyte Echo® Qualified Acoustic Tube dispensing technology to create an ultra-high efficiency workflow. The system will process nanoliter sample volumes that dramatically extend compound library life. It will be ideal for small molecule drug development and discovery.

SampleStore III AC incorporates Labcyte Echo® Qualified Acoustic Tube technology and an optimized high-speed picker for dramatically higher throughput. The tubes can be picked, rearrayed, and delivered as complete orders inside the automated store versus traditional plate-based systems that require extensive post-storage processing.

The SampleStore III AC system can pick individual acoustic tubes into 100% hit rate ‘plate’ order outputs for on-demand screening. It eliminates the need for pipette tips, washes, and intermediate plates -- cutting time and operating costs. The system requires 200 times less sample compound, significantly reducing dead volume and extending the life of libraries, including publicly sourced compounds available in small quantities. The advanced technology also achieves approximately 50% greater storage density.

The SampleStore III AC system is the centerpiece of a Brooks compound management workflow that will include Labcyte Echo® Qualified Acoustic Tube consumables, instrumentation (including cappers and decappers), plus scheduling software.

Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Allows dramatically higher throughput
  • Provides 100% hit rate ‘plate’ order output
  • Eliminates serial dilution step
  • Significantly reduces operating costs
  • Extends compound life
  • Enables approximately 50% greater storage density

Acoustic tube technology is applied in partnership with Labcyte, Inc.