-20°C & -80°C Automated Storage Storage Modules

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The Modular design architecture of the SampleStore II and BioStore II means that you can configure your store from a series of standard, proven modules.

  • Input/Output - Load trays of samples for input into storage. Picked samples returned to the user. Samples are held at -20°C (or store temperature if higher). A laser detector also checks sample heights to allow for dynamic allocation of storage space
  • Input/Output with Imager - Input/output as above, but also includes an imaging module to validate 2D codes on the base of each tube and also presence/absence and tube type check
  • Input/Output with FrostX - As input/output above, but this also has a frost removal function designed for loading -80°C samples where frost is obscuring the 2D codes
  • Tube Selector - High speed picking of most 96-way tubes
  • RTT Selector - Native punching of REMP microtubes using the patented 'tube punching' technique, direct from the storage rack to the transport rack (STBR to DTBR). Automatically configures itself to pick STBR384STBR96-300 and STBR96-900 microtubes
  • Vial Selector - To pick most vial types. Includes a 1D bar code reader
  • Plate Selector - To pick most types of microtiter plates
  • -80°C Tube Selector - To pick microtubes at -80°C: The source and destination samples are held at -80°C as is the picking head

A number of other modules are in development or on the 'drawing board'. Please contact Brooks for more details about each functional module or if the functional module that you want is not listed.