-20°C & -80°C Configurable Automated Storage

BioStore Composite 1
SampleStore II Video 200

Configure The Store To Your Needs

BioStore II and SampleStore II Automated Sample Storage Systems are configurable to a range of applications: capacity, throughput, and containers.

Standard solutions provide great benefits to users. Standardization brings the reliability of designs that have been proven in many different laboratories that can be delivered in a known timeframe and provide confidence in the promised performance.

BioStore II and SampleStore II bring the benefits of standardization to automated sample storage. The modular architecture of SampleStore II and BioStore II is based on our depth of experience in producing a wide variety of automated storage systems.

The vast majority of automated storage requirements can be met by standard SampleStore II and BioStore II modules:

  • Capacities from 300,000 to over 10,000,000 samples (based on 96-way tubes)
  • Lengths from 2.1m to 20m (66’) long
  • Heights from 2.6m to 4.5m (15’)
  • Picking almost any container, including: standard SBS 96-way tubes, SBS format micro plates, REMP microtubes, glass vials and cryovials
  • Throughputs up to 100,000+ samples per day
  • Storage environments from +20°C to -80°C and including low humidity and inert gas

This modular architecture means that SampleStore II and BioStore II have the flexibility to easily adapt to your changing needs.

The SampleStore II and BioStore II share the same architecture. This brings greater benefits of standardization. For example, a typical biorepository will store DNA at +4°C or -20°C, and blood serum at -80°C; the SampleStore II and BioStore II can be used in these two applications and have common user interfaces as well as sharing common modules and subsystems, simplifying user training and support.