Sprint™ 6 High Speed Throughput Software

Sprint™ 6 Scheduling Software for HTS Systems

Sprint 6 dynamic scheduling software allows your organization to standardize on a single scheduler — regardless of your hardware supplier. With Sprint 6™, you can extend the useful life of your high throughput screening (HTS) systems, reduce training and maintenance costs and add value via new functionality.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to support hardware from any vendor - optimize the value and productivity of existing screening assets via Sprint 6 upgrade
  • Just-in-time initialization / offline instrument use – maximizes use of expensive or ‘in demand’ instrumentation by allowing assay to start without the instrument which can then be added just in time for first use
  • Assay interleaving - allows system deadtime (e.g. long incubations) to be put to good use thus maximizing return on investment
  • Daisy chaining – facilitates assay development activities and use of dark hours for short assay runs
  • Dynamic run-time (re-)scheduling – optimizes resource (instrument) usage
  • Intelligent drag-and-drop platform /  schedule creation – combines quick and simple operations with powerful editing / configuration options for the advanced user
  • Deadlock resolution - allows automated recovery from deadlock positions thus minimizing lost samples and wasted time
  • Real time monitoring of assay performance (real or simulated) – facilitates assay optimization and progress monitoring
  • Post-run maintenance schedules – allows instruments to be flushed or cleaned at the end of schedules

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