Brooks ISIDOR™ BioStudies – The biobank data management solution that works the way you do.

Samples represent valuable research assets. Quality management of samples and their respective data is essential to enable the advancement of future medical therapies. The integration of sample inventory data within biobanks and biorepositories with laboratory, donor consent and clinical data is a challenge for many research organizations around the world.

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Realizing Sample Value

The value of a sample within a biobank or biorepository is dependent upon sample quality, associated data sets and the status of donor consent – all of which determine the sample’s future research value. BioStudiesTM delivers a solution to manage all of these aspects of your biological sample collection.

Introducing BioStudies™

BioStudies is a purpose-built sample intelligence system which leverages our powerful informatics platform, ISIDOR, to integrate sample inventory, laboratory instrument, automated stores, donor consent, phenotypic patient-level and clinical data from research projects or studies which enables the complete optimization of the value of sample assets.

Data Management Made Simple

Managing data within a biobank is a challenge; you need individual clinical study and research project data to be separate, but operationally you need to be able to manage the data on samples within a single biobank. BioStudies has been designed from the ground up to be highly configurable and to integrate data within a biobank facility.

Security Matters

Biobanks need to secure patient identifiable information preventing unauthorized access, but still allowing authorized users the ability to enter and search records. Data and feature access within BioStudies can be controlled by a users’ role and team. Patient identifiable or sensitive data is encrypted in the database, making sure it can only be read by authorized users. BioStudies enforces best practices in the management of user access to sensitive information.

Project Management Flexibility

BioStudies allows data to be integrated and accessed by project and study. Each project has an owner and associated team with different roles and data access. Projects can be based upon a particular sample collection, a specific research area, or an identified sample type or workflow.

Inventory and Storage Control

Managing the physical storage of samples is a core requirement of any biorepository or biobank. BioStudies has incorporated Brooks Life Science Systems years of experience at the forefront of sample storage and consumable technology to deliver a system that fits within today’s biobanking paradigm.

Sample Processing Workflows

BioStudies allows you to keep track of your sample processing steps and data. These steps can be simple, such as creating a pre-defined number of aliquots from a single blood tube, or more complex workflows such as DNA extraction, quantification and normalization.

Consent Management

Consent management is one of the significant regulatory challenges facing biobanks and biorepositories. BioStudies has the best-in-class consent management tools to deliver consent tracking and compliance within an organization.

Research Sample Sharing

BioStudies publishes samples available for research applications. Users are able to add samples to an application using donor characteristics as search criteria. When an application is approved, samples are made available for dispatch which records a complete chain of custody history for each sample provided by the biobank.