CryoPod™ Carrier & Filling Station

Safe, portable sample transport.

The CryoPod carrier is a truly portable device that enables -150°C sample transportation over short distances. It is safe, reliable, and maintains the cold chain. The CryoPod’s integrated monitoring, alarms, and logging ensure cryogenic sample protection for over 4 hours. An optional automatic filling station makes LN2 replenishment safe, hands-free, and effortless in less than 15 minutes.


CryoPod™ Carrier & Filling Station Brochure  Cryo Products Brochure

The LN2 vapor-based CryoPod carrier provides a safe, portable, and trackable solution for hand carrying temperature-sensitive biological materials. It reliably holds samples safely at -150°C or colder for over 4 hours. The carrier displays and logs temperature, date, and time, plus features audible and visual alarms to warn if the temperature exceeds a user-defined range. The CryoPod carrier is compact and lightweight. It includes a handle for easy sample transport between long-term storage and the lab or workbench.

Optional Automatic Filling Station

The CryoPod can be complimented with the optional fully automatic filling station for safe, hands-free refilling of the carrier’s LN2. The filling station recharges the CryoPod’s LN2 supply in less than 15 minutes. Precise filling detection enables perfect LN2 recharging for the maximum hold time for samples. When stored in the filling station, the CryoPod is always charged and ready when needed.

Key Features

  • Holds samples safely at -150°C or colder for over 4 hours
  • Integrated temperature monitoring and alarms
  • Logs temperature, date/time, and all events
  • Enables convenient transportation of samples between labs or campus facilities
  • Optional automatic filling station – hands-free LN2 charges CryoPod in 15 minutes