BioStore™ Cryo Semi-Automated Freezer -190C

Automated LN2 sample storage for researchers and biobanks: enhanced sample protection, superior lab productivity

LN2 cryo automation is now easier, simpler and more affordable!

Introducing, the BioStore™ Cryo Semi-Automated LN2 Freezer

The BioStore™ Cryo semi-automated LN2 starter system enables you to plan for and progress toward a fully automated liquid nitrogen sample storage system in the future. The BioStore™ semi-automated LN2 freezer uses the Brooks™ proprietary software to rotate the carousel holding sample cryoboxes for precise, convenient retrieval. The user simply selects needed sample rack on the touchscreen, and the intuitive software rotates the carousel exactly to the specific rack requested. No more reaching inside the cryo freezer to spin the carousel and struggling to identify racks through the liquid nitrogen fog.

BioStore™ Cryo Semi-Automated Freezer Brochure

BioStore™ Cryo – Semi-Automated LN2 Freezer:

  • Excellent value: priced close to manual freezers and automation upgrade ready
  • Vapor phase LN2 storage of samples at -190C or colder
  • 20+ day emergency hold time before samples will reach critical temperature of -135C
  • Capacity for up to 630 of 2” tall cryoboxes (63,000 2mL or 123,480 1mL FluidX vials)
  • Industry leading Chart MVE LN2 vacuum freezer
  • Includes 18 racks
  • Fully upgradable to the BioStore™ III Cryo automated LN2 freezer system at any time with absolutely no risk to existing samples

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