p-Chip® Sample Storage Tube Tracking & Security

Ensure permanent and secure sample ID

Storage tubes with p-Chip® technology ensure reliable sample information, tracking, and security in challenging cold conditions down to cryogenic (-196°C) temperatures. Their unique permanent-fused memory provides a robust indelible code for an unbroken sample lifecycle chain of custody.

The p-Chip, a unique electronic microtransponder ID tagging technology, is 100 times smaller, far less expensive, and more reliable than RFID technology. Its size (0.5mm W x 0.5mm H x 0.1mm D) allows it to be formed permanently into the bottom of a sample tube. The p-Chip’s “fused memory” is a permanent and secure form of ID that cannot be changed. It uses laser light activation to read the tube’s ID code through heavy frost and extreme cold conditions. In addition, the chip is resistant to sterlization by autoclaving and EtO treatment, high G forces, plus stains and reagents.

P-Chip technology will be incorporated into a variety of Brooks FluidX tubes, including the unique Cryo Jacket Tubes that are compatible with Brooks’ automated storage systems.

Data Sheet Application Brief

Key Features

  • Can be read through frost
  • Suitable for ultralow storage temperatures down to -196°C
  • Permanent-fused memory
  • Unique ID
  • Low cost (compared to RFID)
  • Resistant to sterilization by autoclaving and EtO treatment 
  • Available on a wide range of FluidX tubes
  • Available with SBS racks (96 & 48) plus 10x10 and 14x14 cryo racks

p-Chip technology is supplied to Brooks under an exclusive license from PharmaSeq, Inc. of Monmouth Junction, New Jersey.

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