Press Release:Brooks Life Sciences Announces the Acquisition of Software Assets from RURO Inc.

CHELMSFORD, Mass., August 22, 2017 – Brooks Life Sciences announced today that it has acquired certain assets from RURO, Inc., based in Frederick, MD. These assets include the FreezerPro® web-based software which enables access to information on stored samples from any location on any device. As part of the acquisition, Brooks also entered an exclusive license agreement to sell and distribute RURO’s BioBankPro® software which integrates the functionality of FreezerPro with other data sources, often from external sources or instruments used in the workflow of sample-based research. The acquisition leverages the strengths of two innovative companies focused on delivering comprehensive sample management solutions.

FreezerPro is a web and cloud-based informatics solution that provides access to sample information from anywhere in the world on any device. BioBankPro contains all the functionality of FreezerPro plus provides custom assay workflows, integration with external data sources and instruments, and a variety of useful features for clients in the research, pharmaceutical and clinical markets.

RURO, Inc. was founded in 2006 and has approximately 40 staff personnel. Its software applications enable more than 800 biotech, pharma, clinical and research customers with fast, reliable and secure information to manage their sample biorepository regardless of size. Both FreezerPro and BioBankPro provide dynamic sample and specimen tracking within storage freezers and holistically provide sample history and data critical to sample quality, security and viability. The acquisition of the RURO software platform is the latest addition to the growing portfolio of Brooks’ Life Sciences products, services, and informatics. The acquisition of FreezerPro and the exclusive, worldwide license for BioBankPro will expand Brooks’ customer relationships, geographic reach, and critical connectivity to data that serves as the foundation for integrated, comprehensive sample management solutions for its customers.

“The RURO software platform enhances our growing portfolio of informatics solutions providing customers with complete insight into their samples and enabling them to accelerate their research,” said Dusty Tenney, president of Brooks Life Sciences. “These biorepository software tools are a natural fit into our life sciences portfolio as informatics integrates our services, consumables and infrastructure products by capturing comprehensive sample management information for customers globally. We are taking another step to enhance our customer’s sample workflow which enables healthier and brighter tomorrows for patients.”

“Our laboratory freezer sample management software is a perfect complement to Brooks Life Sciences,” said Vlad Lebedev, CEO RURO, Inc., “integrating their comprehensive sample management solutions with intuitive, reliable and secure software tools at customers across multiple end markets.”

The acquisition is the latest addition to the growing portfolio of Brooks Life Sciences’ products, services, and informatics. FreezerPro and BioBankPro expand Brooks’ software offerings into a full range of informatics solutions that will now address any size laboratory, biobank or enterprise managing biological samples.

About Brooks Life Science Systems
Brooks Life Science Systems, a division of Brooks Automation, is the leading worldwide provider of innovative and comprehensive sample lifecycle management solutions for the bioscience industry. These solutions include our automated storage systems, sample consumables and instruments, cell cryopreservation storage products, onsite and offsite temperature-controlled storage models, global sample preparation and analytical lab services and innovative informatics systems and technology services. Our team of sample management experts, deliver high quality, flexible sample management products, services and technology solutions that support hundreds of bioscience customers around the world, including the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies. Our industry-leading sample management solutions enable our customers to unlock sample intelligence and advance scientific research in order to deliver healthier and brighter tomorrows to individuals around the world.

About RURO, Inc.
RURO, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in the heart of Maryland’s biotechnology corridor. RURO develops state of the art computer software for research, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, healthcare and government (homeland security) laboratories in the US and worldwide. RURO is a web applications leader, combining world-class innovation and industry experience so individuals can use computer software in new ways and places. Their recent line of biological applications is designed to increase the productivity of scientific, biotech and pharmaceutical laboratories while maintaining the highest level of security, versatility and knowledge.