BioStore™ II -80°C Automated Sample Storage System Video

Managing the cold chain, Brooks BioStore II, a flexible and scalable fully automated -80°C biological sample management system designed to handle a diverse set of container types.

Brooks BioStore II is an exceptional -80°C automated storage and retrieval system for biological specimens. Evolving from best in class technology, BioStore II is based on over 20 years experience in pharmaceutical compound and biological sample management. Operating globally, Brooks has supplied well in excess of 250 automated stores and is the partner of choice for many of the leading biobanks, top pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.

Offering maximum flexibility, BioStore II is suitable for sample collections from less than 100,000 samples to many millions. Added flexibility allows BioStore II to accommodate various sized containers in the same system. Storage space is allocated dynamically to optimize storage density and maximize storage capacity.

Operating at -80°C, the BioStore II is designed to maintain consistent storage temperature throughout the lifetime of sample storage. From the time a sample is introduced to the Biostore, the sample journey is tracked to ensuring that the sample is kept at a pre-specified temperature from input, through storage, picking and ultimately delivery back to the researcher.

Strata™ is the user interface and store supervisory software which provides the data and metrics required to run efficient sample management. Strata can be accessed and used at the BioStore, from a desktop away from the store or even remotely from a mobile device.

Sample availability is key to the efficient functioning of all labs. BioStore II offers excellent service capabilities with real time and historical video footage available. Monitoring the system ensures that any faults trigger the proper alarms and are available for efficient, remote issue resolution.

With over 20 years of automated storage system experience, we are able to manage samples stored in almost any container type.

BioStore II modules and Strata software work in tandem, to provide well annotated sample inventory management and sample storage provenance.

User-friendly, fast, reliable and designed for sample integrity and availability, the Brooks BioStore II is an exceptional automated storage and retrieval system. BioStore II is evolved from best in class technology and delivering the ultimate solution to biological sample laboratories worldwide.

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