Compound Management

Pharmaceutical, Biotech and other organizations maintain chemical libraries to support their drug discovery processes. The samples in these libraries need to be stored in controlled environmental conditions in order to maintain both their quality and longevity.

Samples are often kept in small microtubes, commonly barcode labelled, with a database or inventory system used to ensure that their location is known at all times. Samples are typically small molecule compounds, but in some organizations may be biological in nature, for example, blood, proteins, nucleic acids such as DNA etc.

The management of these libraries is commonly referred to as Compound Management, or more generically, Automated Sample Management. This involves activities such as sample acquisition, storage and retrieval of samples, often using automated robotic systems, quality control checks, and information management.

SampleStore II

Brooks Life Science Systems has been supplying automated compound management and sample management storage solutions for over 20 years, with more than 250 systems installed worldwide, and over 1 billion samples currently under management. All of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies have selected and purchased Brooks systems for their business critical operations.

Brooks offers users a comprehensive range of solutions and products for automated sample storage and retrieval for systems suited to compound storage (SampleStore II for -20°C and above) and for biological samples (SampleStore™ II and BioStore™ II for -80°C sample storage).

SampleStore II view down the aisle

With a focus on high storage densities, multi-format picking, modularity, flexibility and reliability, and with support for patented REMP® Tube Punching technology, the Brooks storage system range offers a solution for all needs, from small to medium size sample collections, from simple workflows to the most complex workflows of a large central compound library for a major pharmaceutical company.

SampleStore II Pods

With multiple installations across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical testing, agrichemical, laboratory diagnostics, genomics, pathology, and many others, Brooks storage solutions are the obvious choice for fast, flexible and future-proof sample management.