Scientific Paper: Protection of Innocents

Continued sample warm up after return to a cryogenic environment (below -150°C) following a transient ambient picking operation

Authors: Julian Warhurst, John Fink, Tiffany Holmes, Matthew Albert, Bruce Zandi

It seems to be universally accepted that storing at -190°C in a liquid nitrogen (LN2) vapor-phase freezer is the best technique for biosample preservation. Our study focused on developing a protocol that would define the frequency and duration of rack extraction from a -190°C vapor-phase LN2 freezer and ensure the samples would meet acceptable quality levels when returned. The study explored what happens to the innocent samples that are pulled from the freezer. The ones neither used nor touched, but going along for the warming ride. These samples may take this ride countless times throughout their storage lives, and our goal was to ensure they are not damaged by excessive temperature excursions in the process.

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