ISCT Poster 2016

Next Generation Technology Procedures and Products Facilitate Biopreservation Best Practices and Increased Viability for Cellular Therapy

Authors: John Fink, Brian J Hawkins, Alireza Abazari, Matthew Albert, Aby J Mathew, Kevin O’Donnell

The quality of procedures and products used for preparing, transporting and storing cells at cryogenic temperatures have a direct impact on the post-thaw viability and functionality of the cells. Sub-standard preparation, handling, storage, and products may subject cells to improper cryoprotectant exposure. Inadequate transport packaging and negligent shipping practices can cause variability in product temperatures and unknown transient warming events throughout the handling, storage and logistics chain. This can negatively impact the viability, recovery and functionality of sensitive cells and therapies.

The objective of this study is to compare two methods of preparing, transporting and storing living cells (Cold Chain) to achieve the highest post-thaw viability. One method is intended to show an optimized cold chain and improved best practice, the other is considered current common practice. The outcome of this study recommends best practices for procedures and products to ensure consistency, visibility, and documented control of the cold chain.

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