ISCT Poster: Thermal excursions of cryogenically frozen vials

Thermal excursions of cryogenically frozen vials (below -150°C) and the risk of rising above Tg,H2O: analyzing warm-up rates from cryogenic storage to both dry ice and ambient temperature environments

Authors: Matteo Salvett, John Fink, Allen Bartlett, Mark Stira, Julian Warhurst

This paper’s objective is to provide supporting data to fully characterize the thermal excursions of cryogenically frozen single vials filled with H2O during typical transient temperature events. Further testing will be soon undergoing to confirm the claim. Here, we focus our attention on the cold-chain steps that involve transferring a single vial from an LN2 vapor environment to either an ambient temperature (RT) or transportable dry ice (-80⁰C) environment.

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