ISBER Poster: Bio-Samples Thermal Protection

Thermal Excursions of Cryogenically Frozen Vials in Various Cryobox Configurations During Transient Warming Events and Best Practices to Stay Below Tg,H2O

Authors: Matteo Salvetti, John Fink, Mark Stira, Etienne Croquette, Chris Walsh, Jonathan Rowland

The aim of this work is to provide supporting data to characterize the thermal excursions experienced by H2O-filled vials contained inside various typologies of cryoboxes in various configurations during typical transient temperature events. Specifically, we focused our attention on the frequent cold chain steps consisting of accessing single vials from a cryobox in long-term storage and transporting the whole cryobox at ambient temperature or in a dry ice (-80⁰C) environment. We will also discuss thermal inertia effects contributing to vial temperature increase after the cryobox is placed back in the LN2 freezer environment.

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