ESBB Poster

Best Practices for introducing -80°C Bio-Samples into -190°C Vapour Phase LN2 Freezers - with Experimental Evidence of Thermal Excursions

Authors: John Fink, Matthew Albert, Matteo Salvetti

Controlled freezing of bio-samples to -80°C followed by placement into a LN2 vapour phase freezer is a common workflow in many labs. Pre-cooled -80°C samples can require several hours to equilibrate to the freezer temperature (circa -190°C). If the samples are exposed as innocents prior to equilibrating they risk thawing above Tg (glass transition). In order to safely keep all samples below Tg (H2O -135°C) users must understand and implement appropriate workflows to ensure that samples are allowed enough time to equilibrate before being exposed during subsequent routine storage and retrieval operations.

In this poster we provide experimental evidence of the transient warming and subsequent cooling of -80°C samples into a -190°C LN2 vapour freezer. We also review the warming of innocent samples when storing a -80°C sample. Finally, we recommend best practices for introducing pre-cooled -80°C bio-samples into LN2 vapour storage.

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