ISBER 2017 Poster

Best Practices vs. Traditional Practices of Procedures and Technology for Preserving Viability and Functionality of T-Cells at Both -80°C and -190°C

Authors: Authors: John Fink, Alireza Abazari, Brian J. Hawkins, Matthew Albert, Kevin O’Donnell, Aby J. Mathew


  • The quality of procedures and products used for preparing, transporting and storage of cells at both -80°C and -190°C temperatures have a direct impact on post-thaw viability and functionality. Sub-standard preparation, handling, storage, and products may subject cells to improper cryoprotectant exposure, poorly controlled shipping conditions and variable storage temperatures.
  • The objective of this study is to compare two methods of preparing, transporting and storing live T-cells at both -80°C and -190°C to demonstrate best practices to achieve the highest post-thaw viability.

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