DNASU Plasmid Repository Case Study

DNASU Plasmid Repository — Using the Brooks BioStore™ for Plasmid Storage, Distribution, and Biological Applications

By Catherine Seiler Ph.D., Scientific Liaison, DNASU

Case Study Excerpt

Speedy Throughput helped DNASU’s Plasmid Repository become the “Amazon” of the Plasmid World!

Originally, the center was located in Boston. Five years ago, when it moved to Arizona, a new storage system was evaluated for the facility. A lot of research was conducted and the lab decided to buy the Brooks BioStore. The BioStore holds 855,000 samples. It has both tube and vial pickers. While vials are not stored today, the capability was desired to store material such as blood samples in the future. The BioStore was installed in 2010 and started loading samples in January 2011.

Fulfilling it’s philosophy to not only carry out original research but also, to facilitate research around the world, DNASU offers researchers the ability to shop online.

Stored at -80°C within a Brooks BioStore™, the requested plasmids are identified by 2D barcode and automatically delivered to the technician for efficient delivery to the requestor.