Case Studies in Automated Sample Management and Storage

At the Brooks Life Science Systems 2014 Users Meeting, six laboratory professionals reviewed the challenges they faced in sample management and storage and the solutions they developed to overcome them. The topics presented covered a wide range of integration, efficiency, and strategic planning issues.

Here is a summary of their presentations:

  • Broad Institute - Adapting for Changing Demands in Compound Management with the Brooks Universal LabStore™
  • GlaxoSmithKline - Incorporating Sample Collections from Acquired Companies into GSK: Simple?
  • DNASU Plasmid Repository - Using the Brooks BioStore™ for Plasmid Storage, Distribution, and Biological Applications
  • Region Skånes Biobank - Biobanking Workflow for High-Quality Sample Acquisition and Storage Using REMP® Tubes
  • Neurocrine Biosciences - Doing More with Less: How the MatriStore® Has Dramatically Improved Efficiency
  • Cryo Associates - Strategic Planning for Next-Generation Biological Repositories