High Throughput Screening

Brooks was one of the first companies to develop a high throughput screening (HTS) automation platform and scheduling software. The Brooks Assay Platform™ and Sprint™ software have a reputation for robustness, longevity, reliability and scheduling flexibility. These systems are installed at many large pharmaceutical companies as well as smaller biotechs and academic institutions.
High quality data does not have to be at the expense of throughput. Brooks has an impressive track record of designing and developing solutions to produce high quality data at high and ‘ultra-high’ screening speeds.  From small ‘modular’ HTS Workcells to large, bespoke, multi-cell solutions; all are driven by our renowned and respected Sprint™ scheduling software.
Our reputation is built on providing robust solutions to “difficult-to-automate” assays. The technology and know-how developed for these processes is, however, equally applicable to smaller, simpler workcells. It is the power and flexibility of Brooks Sprint scheduling software that sets us apart from the rest.


  • HTS Workcells - Sprint 6™ driven hardware solutions that range from small workcells to full screening systems
  • Sprint 6 Scheduling Software - Applicable to any application requiring resource optimization and user control of process flow
  • XPeel - automatically removes seals from a wide range of plate types with the single touch of a button